Monday, September 14, 2015

What I've been watching!

If you know me then you know all I ever do at home is watch movies and tv shows. I'm pretty much an introvert so it's definitely one of my top favorite hobbies. I've been thinking of posting my favorites at least once a month (or whenever I remember I have a blog lol). I'd like to think that I'm into most genres, but I do like action and comedies the most.

(All of these are available on Netflix U.S.)

My Picks For September:

1. NARCOS - IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS PLEASE STOP READING THIS AND GET ON IT! Netflix really knows how to make shows, like forreal! Mostly everyone in the Hispanic community knows who Pablo Escobar was and they know he was the most generous but meanest drug-dealer in the world. This show is based on the true story of the Colombian government and the DEA's adventure to take Don Pablo down. I read some backstory to the creation of this show and by no means whatsoever was Netflix suppose to make Pablo Escobar seem attractive, but Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo, really made this big time bad guy really sexy! I guess it's true when they say you gotta be aware of the bad boys hehehe (okay that was ugly). Besides that this show is action packed and it was shot/edited so beautifully. I speak both English & Spanish and the way they combined the languages in the show was really cool and a new experience for me. (Thanks to this show I learned that the majority of the music I grew up listening to is Colombian!) (NSFW)

2. SENSE8 - This is another one of Netflix's series that came out this year. I really like that this show was sci-fi mixed with lots of action and drama. It's about a mixed telepathic connection a group of strangers from around the world share. Each character has a different story and skills and they help each other out so well and I think that's what kept me stuck to this show. (NSFW lololol, watch the show and you'll see why I added that)

3. BEING MARY JANE - Before you watch this show you have to watch the movie, which is sorta like the unofficial prelude. This show is bomb! First of all, I love it when screenwriters portray POC as successful and intelligent individuals, not too many shows do that and it really drives me away. Second, the men in this show *claps hands*. Lastly, why did they end last season like that!! (NSFW)

4. THE FALL - JAMIE DORNAN *drops mic*. This show is very interesting, I got a lot of Dexter vibes (pours one out for Dexter ending) but also it's unique the guy Jamie Dornan plays is strange as hell but intriguing. If you love the Scottish accent then I definitely recommend you watch this since it takes place over there.....JAMIE DORNAN...(NSFW)

5. DEAR WHITE PEOPLE - Before I watched this movie I literally saw this EVERYWHERE, but I thought it was going to be a documentary so I wasn't expecting this really cute and also informative movie. With racial issues still being prevalent in society I think it's a great movie to have out there to show people who still don't have it all together....if ya know what I mean. (NSFW)

6. THE REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD - I'm probably one of the only people in my generation that think Kevin Hart is hilarious. This show is funny! BORIS KODJOE...oh chest..what a beautiful man...I don't really consider it a parody of the Real Housewives since it's not really making fun of them. Still a great show!

7. FRIDA - ever since the awareness of Feminism started to increase in my generation I've been more into learning about the "founding ladies of feminism" that also have that "fuck you" mentality. I always heard good things about Frida Kahlo and when I watched this movie with Salma Hayek it really got me interested in her life. I read about her life and how badly she kept getting screwed over by life but she kept strong. Plus she was an artist!! I loved that she did not touch her facial hair and was very bold and funny ("A Few Small Nips"). (NSFW)

8. Lee Daniels' The Butler - THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY. This movie is another one based on a true story, also one that I think the majority of the U.S. has never heard of but should. It's about a man named Eugene Allen who served as a butler in the White House for over 30 years. He witnessed so much and I think the most awesome/unfortunate thing he was there for was the aftermath of JFK's death with Jackie Kennedy. The ending is very very sad and I hate seeing anything sad about old people. But still a great movie!!

Hope you guys check some of these out and enjoy them! See you next time (in a year lol)!