Sunday, January 3, 2016

What I've been watching!

*all available on Netflix U.S.*

1. Jessica Jones
I love Marvel's movie adaptations so I wasn't really surprised when I got obsessed with Jessica Jones. I promised myself only one episode a day but it was just too good! The last episode had me wondering (+ googling) what the next season is going to be about. I also can't wait for Luke Cage's adaptation to hit Netflix.

2. Master of None
Aziz Ansari is so adorable and of course funny. The first couple episodes with his parents makes you want to cuddle up to your own.

3. Scream Queens
At first I thought this show was going to be kinda corny. It actually turned out to be really funny and I loved how they made fun of us millennials (the PSL scene omg).

4. Gloria
Growing up I always heard about the singer Gloria being in trouble, but since this was before Google was in my life I was very confused as to why. This bio-film explained why and how everything happened. Very interesting.

5. Soaked In Bleach
I'm not much of a Nirvana fan but I did always think Kurt Cobain was an interesting person. I've seen other movies based on him, but this was the first that I guess opened my eyes as to why a lot of people think his death was a homicide. It's a really detailed film and I definitely recommend it if you're into detective-like documentaries.

6. La Viuda Negra
This is a novela based on Griselda Blanco, the godmother of the drug world. I have been trying to get into watching novelas to keep my Spanish on top. Anything that has action, drugs, and located in a foreign country I will most def watch it.