Thursday, March 10, 2016


WIRLN stands for What I'm Liking Right Now, and it is a new series I wanted to add to my blog. It will literally be about anything that I'm liking right now.
  • Loving this Copper KitchenAid Mixer that one of my fave instagrammers owns.
  • I'm finally on Spring Break & it's a warm one!
  • Daily & Nightly Show, the presidential race has been making these shows ridiculously funny lately
  • Getting back to doing art again
  • These Vans & these Pumas
  • This one-piece bathing suit
  • STUDYBLRS (tumblr) - so much motivation to study more/better.
  • This cutiepie
  • This saying "Sometimes I worry about tomorrow because I don't know if everything will work out according to my plan but then I realize it is today not tomorrow and today we GUCCI" - Paul Cooley