Sunday, April 10, 2016


Lately I have been getting inspired by my fave blogs to get a little more personal on here, but I'm trying to figure out how to do that without saying much, which is another thing I'm working on but that's another topic. I've decided adding a goals section would help out with that, and I think it's a nice way to see how far a person has come along.

First #goals:

1. so cliché, but being active again.
- I was never super active but I at least did something once in a while that required lots of movement. Nowadays I feel like I am always sitting down and I gotta fix that asap!

2. being able to enjoy a break
- Whenever I'm done with any homework/studying and I have time to relax I can never do it without feeling some sort of anxiety that I'm forgetting to do something. I think any student can relate to that feeling. It sucks!

3. donating more!
- Ever since I was young my mom has made us donate our clothes annually and every year around Spring cleaning time I fill a bag full of items to donate, but later in the year I find more clothes to donate (that I did not buy that same year) and it's crazy to think how many old shirts I have. I feel like I donate soo many shirts that I won't have anymore to wear to chill in but come laundry time and it's a pile of them! So I want to get down to only owning 5 big comfy shirts. Also shoes I don't wear often.

4. cooking/baking more
- I have a pinterest board full of recipes to try but I think I have only done one so far! I want to start cooking/baking more because fresh food is just too good and also I'm 100 years old...hahaha just kidding but I am at the age where I feel I should know more than just the basics.

I think this is it so far...we'll see how it goes!