Friday, June 10, 2016

What I've Been Watching!

I'm back with the other half!

*available on local channels &/or HBO*

1. Daily & Nightly Show - This show is what has gotten me through school. On days where I entered class late or had off I always caught up on these shows. Now that I'm old (af) I feel like getting into politics, or at least keeping up to date on certain topics, is a good idea, but most outlets nowadays are so biased or negative it used to make me not want to bother. That's why I love Trevor & Larry! Plus they're hilarious!

2. Quantico - This show has really good cliffhangers and plot twists. Priyanka Chopra is so beautiful and it's so cool to see identical twin actresses. I really love action shows/movies, a bit more than comedies actually!

3. Mr. Robot - Whenever I was scrolling through tumblr I'd always see GIFs of this show. Honestly I don't know why I never watched it sooner because it deals with IT nerdy stuff, which I love. Sometimes while I was watching the show I was so confused I thought I had done drugs prior to clicking on an episode, it's that kind of show that likes to mess with your mind. (Rami Malek is a bonus - so cute)

4. Silicon Valley - Another show IT related, I ain't ashamed! If I hadn't downloaded HBO I would've never known about this series. It's a comedy show that follows the rollercoaster of unfortunate events for a tech startup company. The main character/creator of the company is soo adorably nerdy and the frenemy-ship between Dinesh & Gilfoyle is hilarious!

5. CitizenFour - ...Oops, I did it again, well sorda! This documentary is IT related but everyone in the world can relate. It's an eye-opening film about the surveillance in modern day and how it is being used. Really cool film!

What shows/movies do you guys suggest?