Thursday, August 25, 2016

East Coast Summer

A love/hate relationship.
I love that you make my hair texture pop and more voluminous, but I hate that I can't keep it down because it makes me sweaty.
I love the tan you give me but I hate that I feel like fries being dipped into hot oil.
I love that I don't have to wear layers, but I hate that I can't wear dark colors/tight clothing or else my back sweat shows.
I love the glow I get, but I hate that it's actually the humidity.
Almost everyone anticipates your beautiful return, what we forget is that you're a humid mess.
May & June are bearable, but July makes me pray Winter comes early.
Don't get me started on August, September, & October. August teases you with warm weather you can actually breathe in. September & October tricks you into thinking you can wear your cute fall outfits, but by afternoon you're halfway into a puddle of sweat & full of regret.

...but I can't keep talking badly about you because by February I will be crying for you again. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


It's almost a year since I visited the Dominican Republic and I wanted to share some photos of the oh so gorgeous country! Going to DR was the first time I flew out of the country in almost 10 years! I can't lie and say I wasn't nervous because I definitely was, especially since last time I was on a plane the turbulence was enough for me to want to drink and blackout but sadly I was only 14 at the time *sighs*. I went to DR with my family and it was so enjoyable and relaxing, I can't wait to back to the Caribbeans. Anyway! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Year of Girl Power

Feminism: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

I'm in my early 20's and I'm very proud of how much I've grown in the past couple of years. As much criticism as social media has gotten, since basically its creation, it has shown people a lot of different perspectives, including me. The topic most important to me that I've seen myself grow a lot from is liking women like they are my allies, because they are. Now it's not that I wasn't open-minded before it's just that now I can clearly see why us women, and men, need to stick together and love one another instead of tearing each other apart or putting another girl down. For example I've noticed, and this isn't true in all cases, sometimes a girl would go against another girl because of a boy (which I've experienced myself as well) and just a couple months ago a girl was killed because of that. There's always so much more to the story and I'm so glad more girls are starting to see this. We have to keep supporting one another, respect one another and talk it out. Another thing I'm so happy about is seeing more girls enjoy their freedom and encouraging other girls to join in on the movement. It's amazing going online and seeing someone post a picture that just months ago they would not have had the courage to post, like a mom taking a selfie while breastfeeding and telling people to shut the fuck up cus' my baby is hungry and this is absolutely normal, or when a girl with a huge following shows off her acne/skin discoloration, etc. to show people that they're human just like everyone else, or when the no bra movement made a big comeback, or when girls post sexual jokes (meme ones are the best LOL). UGH IT'S JUST FUCKING SO AMAZING! And probably the best part and my personal fave is the body positivity movement. I've always been a skinny minnie with some curves, nothing is wrong with that, but once puberty came and left I realized I didn't like being just that. Growing up I've always had girlfriends that were bigger than me (#thiqueshawties) and I loved that. Yes, they'd complain about being their size wishing they were as small as me, but honestly I couldn't understand why...To me their bodies were/are gorgeous, and I told them all the time. And now that celebrating your body no matter what shape you're in is being seen in a more positive light, they see, & I do as well, that what matters most is if you're happy with your body. I love seeing girls, that would typically get so much backlash, posting body positive pictures. I love seeing a girl love her curves, stretch marks and cellulite. I think it's so important for us older girls to show the younger generation that what some people may call imperfections are actually completely normal and natural and it's what makes us human. When I was in high school I started getting stretch marks and cellulite because I was FINALLY gaining weight (but honestly I don't know why I got stretch marks because it's not like my booty grew nor did I). I remember my family telling me I needed to eat better/workout because of my cellulite, and I am so glad I never got into the obsession of trying to get rid of my cellulite, because either way that's how my body will be and so many other women deal with it too AND that's just how the muscle biologically is in us women. My stretch marks are another story, but I learned to love them and let them be. I think once you learn to truly love yourself you'll see all the freedom there is in life, and yes it will take a while, yes you might relapse, yes it will be tough, but one day you will make it and it'll be so amazing. 

I've been in this process for a couple years now and it feels so nice to feel this confident in myself and to see how cool it is to truly love yourself. I love being able to roast myself about something I dislike at the moment, like my little pudge, but then showing love to it.