Thursday, August 25, 2016

East Coast Summer

A love/hate relationship.
I love that you make my hair texture pop and more voluminous, but I hate that I can't keep it down because it makes me sweaty.
I love the tan you give me but I hate that I feel like fries being dipped into hot oil.
I love that I don't have to wear layers, but I hate that I can't wear dark colors/tight clothing or else my back sweat shows.
I love the glow I get, but I hate that it's actually the humidity.
Almost everyone anticipates your beautiful return, what we forget is that you're a humid mess.
May & June are bearable, but July makes me pray Winter comes early.
Don't get me started on August, September, & October. August teases you with warm weather you can actually breathe in. September & October tricks you into thinking you can wear your cute fall outfits, but by afternoon you're halfway into a puddle of sweat & full of regret.

...but I can't keep talking badly about you because by February I will be crying for you again.